Tifari at the RRCUS Nationals

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States (RRCUS) holds a National Specialty Once a Year. It is a week long, Ridgeback only, dog show where all the various conformation and performance events are held. Health clinics, award ceremonies, and seminars are also held during this week. The Location changes yearly to different areas in the US. Please click on the Logo for Tifari national wins in the years we have been fortunate enough to attend.

Tifari Reunions

We try to hold an annual picnic every year so puppy families can assemble with their dogs and have a great time in a safe environment. It gives us a great opportunity to see how all of our puppies are doing, as well as for all of the families to meet each other. We provide advice for each other, set up future play dates, offer to puppysit for each other ect. Most of the families are also on the TifariRR Yahoo Group, and facebook so it is a great way to put a face with a name from the various posts.

group photo 2010
Left to Right: Henry, Nyah, Sasha, Foosa, Piper, Neila, Darby, Ruby, Stryker, Tango, Ozzy, Molson, Ramsay, Scout, and Kamau
The 2010 Tifari Reunion Picnic was held in July! So Hot. 17 Dogs attended, 15 of them were RR's. Please see more candid photo's in the 2010 Reunion Gallery.
The 2011 Reunion Picnic was held in October - we had beautiful weather. 32 dog attended, 29 of them were ridgebacks.
Visit the 2011 Photo Gallery for more candids
The 2012 Reunion Picnic was held in the end of September, in my backyard. WE had 23 dogs attend, 21 were Ridgebacks.
Visit the 2012 Photo Gallery for more candids
The 2013 Reunion was held at a very cold day in November, We had it at the Lyon Oaks Dogpark. Because of freezing winds and rain only a few diehards attended (11 dogs total) but fun was had by everyone! Please view the 2013 Photo Gallery for candids.

The 2015 Reunion was held in a beautiful spring day in June. We held it at the highland park recreation area bright and early in the morning so we could do a photo shoot with traveling photographer: Steve Moore 10 ridgebacks attended the shoot.

photo credit to professional photographer: Steve Moore

The 2017 Reunion was held at a very cold day in December at our new MI Home in Ortonville. It was pretty cold, and was one of the first snowfalls of the year but fun was had by all. 2017 group11 ridgebacks attended.