Tifari Rhodesian Ridgeback News

2018 News:

  • January 2018, Novi, MI. 4 day show. Tobin, Ripley and Gaius all earned an AKC major towards their AKC championships.
  • Micky D earns his first UKC Level 1 Rally title

2017 News

  • Gambit, Gus, and Guinness earn their CGC titles in The beginning of the year!
  • Gambit got on the board and started earning points towards his AKC Championship.
  • Bucky earned his CGC title, and littermate Gary earned his CGC title and his Novice Trick Dog title.
  • Gryffin had a HUGE show weekend and finished his AKC Championship on 2 weekends. Unbelievable!!!! He is starting towards his Grand Championship title and had won a nice big Best of Breed, and multiple owner-handler Group placements! He also finished his Coursing Ability title.
  • Hercules finished his AKC Championship and started earning points towards his AKC Grand Championship.
  • Guinness had a HUGE show year and multiple Best of Breed Placements. He Won breed at the The Michigan Hound Specialty over 49 other Ridgebacks! He has a ton of owner handler best of breed placements as well as multiple Group placements. HE is also a Bronze Grand Champion now!
  • Enzo and Guinness completed their Junior Courser titles
  • Django won a major and points towards his Field Championship title.
  • Ayla Earned her Grand Championship title.
  • Tobin, Ripley and Vidic earned their CGC titles in November. cgc titles
  • Gaius earned a Major and more points towards his AKC Championship.
  • Tobin and Ripley both earned 1 AKC major towards their Championships at just 6 months old.
  • Finn became a Grand Champion! He had a Great year as well with many Best Breed Wins and a Group placement! He also completed his Beginner Novice obedience title.
  • Gaius sired his first litter. 4 beautiful show quality pups were born to Intrigue Ridgebacks in Virginia.
  • Tifari had a reunion at our new location in Ortonville. Fun Times 11 ridgebacks attended on this snowy day!
group reunion

2016 News:

  • April 6, Rogue delivers 9 beautiful pups in our Texas location!! Check out their page Rogue X Zeke Litter
  • June 29, Tifari Has a new Champion!! Samson finished his AKC Championship in just 7 shows!
  • Rowan becomes a Gold Level Grand Championship and is ranked # 26th in the nation.
  • The National Specialty in Huron, OH was fantastic. Many placements and new titles earned! Falon, Hercules, Gryffin, and Samson all earned their CGC titles.
  • Gaius earnes his first 2 points
  • Falon earns her first points
  • Guinness finished his Grand Champion title.

2015 News:

  • January 22-15th in Novi, MI. Tifari had many Great wins this weekend at the 4 days show. Guinness took Best of Breed Friday, Ayla took Select Bitch Thursday, Finn finished his AKC championship on Saturday, and Rowan took Best of Breed on Sunday while 1/2 brother Wally earned his Canine Good Citizen title!
  • April 4-5, Birch Run, MI show. Tifari Had a great weekend. Ayla finished her CD obedience title. Rowan went Best of Breed and a Group 3 on Saturday, Guinness went Select dog for a 3 point major on Saturday, and Wally went Winner's Dog on Saturday for 2 points.
  • April 25-26. Birch Run, MI Guinness went Best of Breed on Saturday, and Select dog on Sunday. Ayla went Select Bitch on Sunday. Wally went Winner's Dog on Sunday.
  • May 16-17, Corunna, MI. Guinness took Best of Breed both days of the show and earned his first group placement on Saturday. Ayla went Select Bitch on Saturday.
  • May 21-24. Multiple day show in Kalamazoo, MI. Ayla took Select Bitch on Thursday. Guinness took Best of Breed Thursday. He also went Select Dog on Friday and Saturday to complete his Grand Championship title. On Monday Wally went Winner's dog and Rowan went Select Dog.
  • July 4-6th. It was a multiple day show in Monroe, MI. Tifari had an outstanding weekend. On Friday, Rowan and Guinness made the cut in a nice large breed entry. Guinness went on to earn select dog. On Saturday, Django made his debut in the 6-9 month puppy classes and sweeps. Piper won her veteran class and went on to win best of opposite in veteran sweeps. Guinness made the cut in breed. On Sunday, Rowan won select dog. Ayla won highest scoring Ridgeback in Rally. Piper won Best of Opposite in Veteran sweeps. Wally won Winner's dog for a 4 point major to complete his championship!
  • November 5th. Piper went Select Bitch to complete her AKC Grand Championship. Enzo won Winner's dog for 2 points! and Rowan won Best of Breed. Guinness won Select Dog.
  • November 6th in Kalamazoo, MI. Enzo won a 4 point Major! Rowan won Best of Breed, and Finn won Select Dog.
  • November 7th. Finn Won Best of Breed. Guinness took Select.
  • November 8th. Finn won Best of Breed again, this sompletes his AKC Grnad Championship. Enzo won Winner's Dog for 2 Championship points.
  • Nov 27th Enzo went Winner's dog to earn a 4 point Major in East, Lansing, MI and finished his AKC Championship!
  • Rowan sired 2 litters in Canada.
2014 News:
  • 1/16-1/19 Huge 4 day Show in Novi, MI. Tifari had many nice wins including: Guinness, Winner's dog/ Best of Winner's and Best owner handler at his first show ever for 2 points. Kamau also won Winner's Dog dog one day for a point towards his championship. Rowan was a special and he took Select Dog 3 of the 4 days, and Best owner handled 2 of the days. Piper went select bitch one of the days for Grand Champion Points. Ayla finished 2 titles, her Rally Novice title and her Beginner Novice title. And finally Both Ayla and Rowan had their eyes checked and passed with flying colors.
  • 1/26 Rogue won a 5 point major in Louisiana. This puts her at 14 champion points. She just needs one single to finish her Championship.show 2014
  • 3/22 Rowan Won Best of Breed in Auburn, IN. His first of the year!! Ayla won Reserve both days this weekend!
  • 3/29 Finn earned his final JC leg to complete his Junior Coursing title. So proud of them!
  • 4/5 Rowan wins Best of Breed in Birch Run, MI. He also made the cut in Groups.
  • 4/17 Ayla earns her Therapy Dog certification as well as passes AKC's new Advanced Canine Good Citizen Certification!!!
  • 4/19 Rowan takes another Best of Breed Win, this time in Columbus, OH. He also went on to win a Group 2 over 109 other hounds!
  • 4/20 Ayla has a win of her own in Ohio and earns WB for 2 more Champion points. Rowan took Select Dog.
  • 5/3 10 Tifari dogs attempted the ATTS- American Temperament Test Societies Test, and 10 dogs passed with flying colors! Ayla, Piper, Gus, Finn, Henry, Rowan, Wally Fiona, Rosie & Stryker all have new titles!
  • June- This month was BUSY BUSY with Ayla, Rowan, Guinness, Kamau, and Dexter all winning in the conformation rings.
  • 7/5& 7/6 This weekend was the Raisin River Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of MI's Regional Specialty. Tifari had tons of Wins including Guinness winning Best of Opposite in Puppy Sweeps. Rowan won Select Dog for a 5 point Grand Champion Major, and Ayla Won highest Scoring RR in Obedience. Piper won first place Brood Bitch with puppies Guinness and Ayla representing her.
  • 7/10 Rowan Took Best of Breed at the Cuyahouga Hound specialty. It was a very impressive win over some nice specials!
  • 7/20 Evie Won 3rd place in AKC lure coursing for 1 Field Champion point.
  • 7/24 Rowan took Select dog in Ohio for more Grand Champion points
  • 8/2 Rowan took Select dog in Marshall, MI for more Grand Champion points, Kamau took Major Reserve.
  • 8/3 Rowan takes BOB in Marshall, MI. Kamau takes a 3 point major to finish his AKC Championship, Wally was Major Reserve, Ayla was also Major Reserve. Nice day for Tifari.
  • 9/13 Rogue goes Winner's Bitch in Texas to complete her AKC Championship.
  • 9/27-9/28 Rowan won Best of Breed both days in Monroe, MI. Ayla was reserve on Sunday.
  • 10/4 Rowan was Select dog in Wauseon, OH and Guinness was Major Reserve.
  • 10/5 Rowan took BOB in Wauseon, OH and Ayla was Major Reserve, Guinness was also major Reserve.
  • 10/12-10/13 Rowan and Ayla show in Urbana, OH. Rowan took Select both day and Ayla was winner's bitch on Sunday
  • 10/17-10/18- 10/19 Finn and his owner Patrick went WD/Best of Winners all 3 days at the Supported show(s) in Maryland. So proud of this duo. 5 points in one weekend!
  • 11/6-11/9- There was a huge, 4 day show in Kalamazoo, MI. Finn won a 4 point major, Wally won a 3 point major, Guinness won Major reserve, and Rowan won BOS all 4 days. Rowan also completed his SILVER Grand Championship. We are very proud of Tifari's wins.
  • 11/13- 11/16- There was a Huge 4 day show in Columbus, OH. Tifari had many wins including Ayla earning a 4 point major and 1 reserve, Guinness went winner's dog, and also a reserve, Rowan earned 2 BOS awards, as well as 1 Select dog award.
  • 11/28/14 - Michigan Hound Specialty: Tifari had a GREAT show day. Guinness won Best in Sweeps. Rowan took Best of Breed. Finn took Major Reserve.
  • 11/29/14 - Ingham County show- Ayla earned her 2nd major, this completes her AKC championship!! Guinness earned his 1st major and Rowan took Best of Opposite Sex. What a nice day!
  • 11/30/14- GUINNESS earns his 2nd major to complete his CHAMIONSHIP!!! Rowan earned Select Dog.
2013 News:
  • 1/17- 1/21 At the Novi, MI show Tifari EXCEEDED expectations. Rowan won winner's dog three days for 10 Championship points, this finished his AKC Championship. Rosie won a major of her own to start her AKC points. Then, Piper showed in the special's class to pick up a 5 point major of her own towards her Grand Championship. Kamau also won MAJOR Reserve Winner's dog.
  • 1/26- NY, Fiona earned her Rally Novice title!
  • 2/9- Eastern PA. Monzo graduates puppy class and earns his AKC * STAR* puppy certification!
  • 2/21- Kamau passes his Canine Good Citizen.
  • 2/27- Ayla and Juno each earned their AKC * STAR* puppy certifications. Fallon, Finn, Penny, Gus, and Tucker all pass their puppy classes this month as well.
  • 3/2- Henry earned his Rally Advanced Title at the DKC Cobo show.
  • 3/10- Rowan takes BEST OF BREED at a Conformation show in Indiana
  • 3/15- Rowan earned the second leg of his Senior Courser title.
  • 3/30- 3/31- Rayder Made his debut in Pennsylvania and earned his first 2 championship points. 1/2 sister Rogue also earned 2 more points towards her championship.
  • 4/6- 4/7- Piper and Rowan both earn Grand Champion points showing in Birch Run.
  • 4/14 - Ginger earns her Herding Instinct Certificate in PA, and in New Jersey, Emma earns her JC lure coursing title.
  • 4/21- Rowan takes BEST of BREED in Columbus, OHIO over 23 other dogs!!!
  • 4/27- 4/28 Saturday Kamau won Winner's Dog best of Winners in Birch Run, MI for his first Major. Sunday, Rowan won Select Dog for his 3rd Grand Champion Major.
  • 5/4- Ozzy, Strker, Rowan, Wally, Ayla, Vidic, Rosie, and Penny all earned their Herding instinct certificates (HIC) at Whitmore Lake. Tucker earns his AKC STAR puppy Certification.
  • 5/15 - Ayla and Juno pass their Canine Good Citizen Tests.
  • 5/23 - Ayla wins her first point in Kalamazoo, MI @ 7 months old.
  • 5/25 Rowan takes Select dog in Kalamazoo, MI.
  • 6/1- 6/2 Toledo, OH. Rowan goes Best of Breed both days. Kamau goes Winner's dog on Sunday!
  • 6/6/ Ayla, Kamau and Rowan show in Midland, MI. Ayla goes Winner's bitch, Kamau takes Winner's dog, and Rowan goes Best of Opposite Sex.
  • 6/27 Finn Passes his Canine good Citizen Test!!
  • 7/5, 7/6, 7/7- This weekend was the BIG raisin River Regional Specialty and supported shows! Fallon, Ayla, and Rowan showed GREAT and all of them came home with Ribbons. Rowan Took Select Dog 2 out of 3 days and an Award of Merit on the third day! Fallon and Ayla held their own in the puppy classes. :-)
  • 7/20-7/21 Henry and Rowan both earned their International Championships! Henry earned a RESERVE Best in Show in the Altered Class and in Regular classes Rowan earned a Best of Breed and a Group 3!
  • At the Ridgeback Rodeo Fallon earned 2 hunting Ridgeback titles! She also earned Highest Scoring puppy in Trial! :-)
  • This was a BUSY summer. WE welcomed the Dexter X Piper litter to the world. Also Fiona earned her Herding title in NY, while here in MI, Molson earned her Canine Good Citizen!
  • 10-4-13, Rogue earned her first major in Nebraska!
  • 11-1-13, Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States National Specialty was in Topeka, KS. Rowan, Henry, Foosa, Piper, Ayla, Rylee, Dexter, & Rogue all attended. Ribbons and Trophies were won by all. More info and pictures HERE
  • 11-7-13, Rowan Wins Select Dog, and Best Owner Handled Dog in Kalamazoo, MI. He went on to win Owner Handler Group 3. Wally attends his first show and had FUN
  • 11-9-13, Rowan takes Best of Breed in Kalamazoo, MI over 20 dogs. He also won best owner handler and took a O/H Group 4.
  • 11-10-13, Rowan takes Select Dog in Kalamazoo, Wally wins Winner's Dog for his first Major, and Ayla win the BBE Class. Also, we heard from VA that Ginger Completed her Junior Lure Coursing title as well certified for her QC--so she is ready to compete!
  • 11-29-13, Ayla wins Best in Sweeps at the Michigan Hound show, and also went on to take Winner's Bitch for 2 Championship points. Piper also won Select Bitch.
  • 11-30-13, Rowan takes Select Dog at the Ingham Cty. Kennel Club show
  • 12-1-13, Piper takes Select Bitch at the same show for more grand champion points.
  • 12-6-13, Dexter completes his RN title.
  • 12-7-13 Ayla Double Q's in Obedience and Rally for more legs towards her titles.
  • In December- Guinness and Henley also both Passed their AKC Star puppy class. The rest of the litter is right behind them graduating puppy class and moving on to other fun things.
2012 Highlights:

Cobo Group Shot Cobo Hall: 2012, Lanalee with Rowan, Angie With Piper, and Ann T with Ruby!
  • Piper, Dexter, and Stryker all earned their AKC Championships this year. Rowan and Rogue also started showing and earning points towards their Championships.
  • Rylee had 8 beautiful puppies at our Pennsylvania location! MORE INFO.
  • At the Cobo Show (DKC) 3/2/12 Tifari Had a Great showing in Conformation, Rally, and Obedience. Tifari Also made it onto the Channel 4 News.
  • Obedience: Piper completed her CDX Obedience title and Stryker earned his Beginner Novice title.
  • Stryker earned his UKC Championship and along the way took BEST IN SHOW!! Rowan and Rosie also completed their UKC Championships this year.
  • Ruby earned her VC- Versatility certificate this year. It is one of the highest achievements awarded by RRCUS.
  • Rally: Stryker, Ruby, and Henry all earned titles in Rally this year. Fiona also started her rally career.
  • Agility: Piper, Henry, Ruby, and Stryker all earned Agility titles this year.
  • Tifair Lure coursing group Lure Coursing: 2012, Piper, Vidic, Ruby, Rylee, Rogue, Koda, Rowan, Henry, Sasha, and Ozzy
  • Rowan goes BEST IN SWEEPS at the Cuyahoga Valley Hound Association Show in Madison, OH
  • Lure coursing titles: Vidic, Koda, Rowan,Rosie, Molson, Sasha, Kamau, and Ozzy all completed their Junior Courser lure coursing titles!!! Rowan, Koda, Ozzie, and Vidic all earned their QC titles as well.
  • Sasha and Rosie both earned their Canine Good Citizen titles!
  • 2012 Litter in Michigan: Hudzon X Piper - There were 9 beautiful puppies. Check out their page for more details.
  • Stryker and Ruby both earned their UKC Agility titles, and Stryker earned his UKC Rally title.

2011 Highlights

    Ridgeback Rodeo 2010 Detroit Kennel Club--Cobo Hall Show 2011, Stryker, Piper and Ramsay
  • Tifari was awarded Breeder of Merit by the AKC.
  • Stryker, Dexter, and Ramsay all earned their IABCA International Championships.
  • Stryker and Ruby earn their Rally Novice (RN) titles.
  • Piper, Stryker and Ramsay attended the Detroit Kennel Club Benched Show. We had a great showing and met many GREAT people at the Tifari benched exhibit. Piper earned MAJOR Reserve Winner's Bitch and Ramsay took Winner's dog for a 3 point Major and a nice trophy! (see photo on Right)
  • Piper earned multiple AKC BEST of BREED wins over specials to finish her AKC Field Championship- FC and earned a 4 point major towards her Lure Courser Excellent title (LCX) . Ruby also picks up a major win and more singles towards her AKC title and also completed her ASFA Lure Coursing Championship title.
  • Stryker Earned his Junior Courser- JC lure coursing title, while Ozzy, Sasha, and Molson each earned one leg towards their title
  • Piper, Foosa, Sasha, Henry, and Ruger did a "dogwalk for charity" event Called the Tail Waggers Two Step. We were Team Tifari and together we earned around $300.00 for the Michigan Animal Rescue League (MARL) and the pets in need! (see photo Below)
  • Rylee safely delivers 5 HUGE healthy puppies! Rylee X Hondo for more information. Introducing: Rowan, Vidic, Rosie, and Rogue will all show, Rogue is Staying with Kathy! Koda wil be a performance female! Tally HO.
  • Fiona competed in a puppy Match in NY, and earned a puppy GROUP 3! Stryker also competed in a puppy match and earned Best of Breed.
  • Dagan, Dexter and Fiona all Earned their CGC- Canine Good Citizen titles this year!
  • July 9-10th. This was a BIG weekend. Ramsay, Piper, Foosa, and Fiona all attended the Raisin River Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Michigan's (RRRRCoM) Regional Specialty. Tifari took home tons of awards including: Piper won Highest scoring RR in Obedience, as well as Sunday took 4th place for a rosette in trophy in the competitive Open Bitch class. Ramsay did GREAT in Conformation winning 3rd place Saturday and 2nd place Sunday in the HUGE open dog class. Fiona did GREAT in her first outdoor show and placed in ther sweeps classes and Regular classes every time for Rosettes and trophies!!! Foosa is retired form showing, butwas in the Brood Bitch class represented by Ramsay and Piper, She earned 3rd place.
  • Dexter goes to the ridgeback Rodeo and earned his Herding (HIC)
  • Kamau, Stryker, and Dexter all start earning points towards their AKC Championships this year.
  • RRCUS National Specialty in South Dakota (VISIT the Nat'l PAGE for More info and photos on our Wins) Highlights include 4 new titles, including Rowan and Rogue's CGC titles, as well as Henry and Ruby's new Endurance Trial (ET) titles.
  • Neila completes the final requirement for her RRCUS VERSATILITY TITLE (VC) Way to go Proud parents Mark and Ann Rudd! Neila is Tifari's 3rd VC.
  • Piper competed in Conformation in Cleveland Ohio and won Winner's Bitch and Best of Winner's for a 4 point major! This also complets the requirements for her RRCUS VC- Versatility Certificate! Piper is Tifari's 4th VC.
  • Henry, Ruby, Neila, and Piper all had a great year in Agility and completed many titles!

    Darby in woodsTeam Tifari @ the 2011 Tail Waggers Two Step Charity Event!.


Ridgeback Rodeo 2010Left to Right: Luna and Henry held by Lanalee, Rylee with Kathy,
and Ruby with Ann T.@ The Ridgeback Rodeo

2009 Highlights

            and Piper @ NationalFoosa and Piper at the 2009 National Specialty

2008 Highlights

Ramsay, 5 months oldRamsay 6 months old practicing his stacked pose

2007 Highlights

3 dogsFiona, Stryker, and Ruby


Darby in woodsPretty Darby 1 year old walking through the woods.